Ag in the Classroom

Lesson plans on forestry and trees K-12.


Conservation Education Curriculum

US Forest Service.


Dig It!

The Secrets of Soil.


"Dirt on Soil"

Get the "Dirt on Soil" with Discovery Education's Field Guide.


The Forest History Society

The Forest History Society is a nonprofit educational institution that links the past to the future by identifying, collecting, preserving, interpreting, and disseminating information on the history of interactions between people, forests, and their related resources.


Geospatial Data Gateway

Find information on soils and other GIS layers.


Hank Heron Conservation Club

Great resource for educators and teachers. This is a great source of information to teach children important facts about the environment around them and how they can make a difference! Click on the link to learn more and how to sign up to receive the activity-filled newsletter! Click here for a sneak peak - their Spring edition!

Or, contact them by mail:

Central Indiana Land Trust

1500 N. Delaware Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202


Phone: 317.631.LAND (5263)


Just for Kids Soil Biological Communities

Learn more about the creatures that live in soils.


Just For Kids - US Forest Service

Explore topics with Smokey Bear, Woodsy Owl, and Kids in the Woods.


NACD Hidden Treasures Comic Book

Money may not grow on trees, but heat, electricity, liquid fuel, and even plastics do. Children can learn how through The Hidden Treasure, an educational comic book from NACD. This teaching tool shows young people and families how woody biomass from our nation's woodlands can provide a wealth of products and energy resources.


The Great Plant Escape

Detective Leplant and his partners, Bud and Sprout, need your help to unlock the mysteries of soil and plant life.


Project Learning Tree

Get access to an award-winning environmental education program designed just for educators.


Sammy Soil

Downloadable coloring book to teach kids about soils.


S. K. Worm

Find answers to your questions about soil and other stuff.


Society of American Foresters

All kinds of teacher resources including, Lesson Plans, Science Fair Projects, and Activity Guides.


Soil at Work

Meet Claude, a smart little clod of dirt, and the first thing he'll tell you is EVERYTHING begins and ends with soil!


Soils - Lesson plans for k-12

Resource to online soils education sites reviewed by the Soil Society of America's K-12 committee.


Soil Data Mart

On the Soil Data Mart you can download soils data or view and print reports.

Soil Surveys on CD and SSURGO Data Viewer CDís are also available. Historical replica CD's are available for some counties.


Soil Data Viewer

This may be used with ArcGIS software to run tables and make thematic maps.


Soil Safari

Take the EarthShip underground and discover what is beneath your feet!


Tools for Teachers

The American Forest & Paper Association provides a series of interactive, educational flyers and materials on paper reuse, recycling, and sustainable forestry for the classroom.



Meet the tiny guardians of our forests - Treetures. Learn more about Treetures and how they can schedule an appearance in your community.


Water Movement in Soil

(Requires Windows Media Player)


Web Soil Survey

View soils maps, make thematic maps, run reports and view Soil Survey manuscripts (where available). Soil Surveys on CD and SSURGO Data Viewer CDís are also available. Historical replica CD's are available for some counties.


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