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KGs of CO2 absorption since inception!

Corporate Social Investment

Have an effect by putting resources into our networks. With your assistance, we can fabricate an inheritance and a better  future for all.

Enterprise Supplier Development

Anything your industry, we comprehend the stuff to foster manageable, solid organizations and remember them for your inventory network.

Schooling, Training & Skills Development

In the event that your system incorporates training ponder supporting one of our schooling based drives.

Coordinated, Tailored Interventions

Each system and intercession are unique. We tailor recommendations across a wide scope of projects.

Consistence Reporting

Getting your consistence arranged can be tedious on the off chance that you don’t have the right reports or accomplices.

Information Aided Development

Our insight and experience inside the area has permitted us to acquire knowledge and pose the right inquiries, and consequently anticipate your task’s result inside a high likelihood.

Our Activities

Market Gardens with in Community

Market Gardens within community is a food security initiative that focuses on income-generating. We combine technical skills training, expert support, and social dynamics workshops to use bio-intensive farming practices.

Farmer Entrepreneurship

Farmer Entrepreneurship is a program that promotes bio-intensive techniques, as well as training and farmer support, throughout commercial agriculture and the supply chain.

Tree Planting with in Community

We have thousands of more submissions on file to promote community tree planting, which changes common places. We plant in schools, public parks, and private residences. We've also established key greenbelts throughout the country's biggest cities.

Nurseries with in Community

The Community Nursery programme facilitates the creation of community nurseries and/or develops and supports existing primary, secondary or tertiary revenue streams from these community operations and sustainability initiatives.

Project for African Climate

The African Climate Reality Project (ACRP) — a branch of the US-based The Climate Reality Project — was established to support African Climate Reality Leaders in their efforts to combat climate change in Africa, a continent disproportionately affected by this global crisis.

Business that farms fruit.

Farmers and communities can work with Enterprise Orchards to create high-yielding, productive orchards. The initiative encourages the planting of a variety of species and varieties of fruit that can be harvested throughout the year.

Home Gardening

Home gardening is the practice of establishing and growing food gardens in the homes of committed, passionate individuals in townships or rural communities. We believe that home gardening is critical to ensuring Zambia’s food security.

Food Forests Initiative

Plants and trees are by far the most productive, self-sustaining terrestrial ecosystems on the globe, and once established, they require little to no upkeep. The Food Forests Initiative is a long-term greening and food production initiative that centered on nutrition through tree planting. It is premised on years of experience in incorporating long-term greening and food security interventions.

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