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Banana is one of the most well-known fruits and the most cultivated in is so well-known tropical and semi-tropical countries. It is so well-known everywhere that its description is dispensable, but its importance is truly worth noting.

Medicinal use

The root

As a tonic for congestion of the liver and to prevent or cure scurvy. Prescribed for glandular disease, venereal disease, anaemia and disorders of the blood and diarrhoea.

The stem

⚫ Ulcer.

Quenches thirst in cholera.

In nervous disorders, hysteria, diarrhoea, dysentery and jaundice.

As an antidote to opium poisoning.

Stops bleeding of wounds and cuts.


Inflamed kidneys.

Checks hair loss.

Treatment of piles.

The leaves Are a useful remedy in severe

inflammation of the eye and other eye


Heals wounds and ulcers.

Makes a cool dressing for headaches. •Refreshing when applied on blisters or inflamed surfaces.

The flowers

⚫Checks excessive bleeding during menstruation.

• Diabetes.

Good for earaches.

The fruit

Diabetes, spitting of blood, diarrhoea.

indigestion, flatulence and accumulation

of acid in the body. • Prevents or cures scurvy, soothes and protects the alimentary tract.

◆ Promotes the flow of urine.

Gentle laxative.

Relieves sore throat and congestion of the chest, accompanied by cough.

Indigestion and dysentery.

◆ Anaemia.

Also cures inflamed colon and diseases of the rectum.
of the rectum.

How to use

✰The juice extracted from the root is used as tonic for congestion of the liver and to prevent or cure scurvy when mixed with a small quantity of pure honey. It is used in the case of inflamed mucous membranes of the urethra and vagina. Also prescribed for glandular disease.

A cold infusion of the root is recommended for venereal disease, anaemia, and disorders of the blood. Enema of the same infusion is given in diarrhoea.

✰The ash of the banana plant or stem is useful for ulcers.

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