Become a partner

Do you want to invest in a green future by planting trees or offsetting carbon emissions? Become a partner of Trees for All, just like more than 600 other companies. Find out which partnership best suits your business.

Plant your own corporate forest

Get your boots on! As a corporate forest partner, you can plant a forest in your own name and thus make a tangible contribution to a green and healthy world.

Offset your carbon emissions

Are you reducing your company’s carbon emissions, and looking for a way to offset the remaining emissions in the long term? We would be happy to help you find a solution.

Plant trees per product or service

If you would like to plant one or more trees per product or service, you can became a tree partner. Let the forest grow along with your organisation.

Customised partnership

An anniversary, campaign or sustainability strategy are all ideal occasions to get in touch with us to arrange a customised partnership.

Our current corporate partners

Plant A Million Zambia already works with over 600 business partners. Whether big or small, all these companies do their bit for a green and healthy planet. Are you interested to see which companies are involved in our activities?

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