Gift a tree

Looking for a green and sustainable present for your staff or associates? Gift a tree and receive a personalized certificate that you can share.

Surprise your staff or business associates with the biggest gift in the world

You can give a tree as a present for any occasion. For example as a welcome gift for a new employee, to show straight away how important sustainability is to your organisation. But also for the birthday of an employee, when your company celebrates an anniversary or as a green business gift.

It’s a long-lasting gift for both the recipient and the planet! What will your company celebrate next?

How does it work?

1. Choose how many trees you want to give per person

We plant the tree outside and within the community and abroad.

2. Choose your projects

Choose in which two of our sustainable reforestation projects the trees will be planted.

3. Personalise and gift

Fill in a personal message that will appear on the certificate and choose how you want to give it: digitally or by printing it yourself.

A green and sustainable gift for every occasion


A personalised certificate

When you gift a tree, you will receive a certificate as proof of donation. The certificate will bear your company name and the name of the recipient. Print the certificate at home on recycled paper or – even more eco-friendly – send the certificate by e-mail!

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