Our team has over 100 years of combined experience

Goodwill Ambassadors

Maureen Lilanda

Jazz artist & environmentalist

“The best time to plant a tree
was 20 years ago and the right
time to plant a tree is now”.

Dr Pius Kasolo

Government Investments

20 years experience in financing
and CEO of largest investment
holding in Zambia (ZCCM-IH).

Advisors Committee

Mr Emanuel Chibesakunda

CEO Plant A Million

Plant A Million is growing
money from trees through
Education, Economy & Ecology!

Ms Kalongo Chitengi

Community Mobilisation

20 years experience and expert in the farmer markets of subSahara Africa.

Mr Chance Kabaghe (tbc)


25 years experience with a MSc in Agricultural Economics from London University (WYE).

Dr Martin Chaumet

Asset Management

20 years experience and CEO
of company with 10 billion USD
asset & properties.

Mr Justin Chinyanta


20 years experience and expert
in the financial markets of subSahara Africa. CEO Loita.

Mr Mike Tarney

Alternative Energy

Off-grid expert and >20 years
experience in renewable energy
in Africa and former CEO CEC.

Mr Dirk Kloss

Carbon Finance

25 years leader in biodiversity
conservation and carbon

Mr Richard Jeffery


>35 years of field, technical and
management experience in
conservation in Southern Africa.

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