Plant A Million Zambia will facilitate a Tree-Based Economy for Zambia with 3Es​

We are a social enterprise with a vision to create 100,000+ jobs in Africa through 3Es (Education, Economy and Ecology).

1. Eduction

focuses on planting the idea of the importance of trees in youths through schools and the community which will potentially benefit them in the near future, educating them on how to grow those trees. This help in youth mindset change because when youths appreciate the importance of trees, it will in turn create a positive impact in families and the communities at large.


The initiative does not only focus on mitigating and adapting to climate change but also wishes to create wealth and a 300 thousand jobs by 2030 by compelling mindset change in youths and the community at large. The initiative also aims at creating a sustainable economic approach for business.


The initiative looks at the need for linkage to the business economic side to achieve sustainability on the ecology side. We wish to create a Tree-based Economy’ which will enable to mitigate climate change with economic benefits for Zambia Currently, we are producing various tree seedlings and flowers, then we sell them to the community to sustain and keep the organization running as well as supporting the employees. This indirectly contribute to the initiative’s objectives of combating climate change and stop deforestation.

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