Plant a tree

Trees are vitally important to nature, humans and animals. Do your bit for the forests of the world and join us in planting trees in the Zambia and abroad.

How can you help?

The world needs more forests. In order to tackle climate change and increase biodiversity, we must protect our existing forests, restore degraded forests and plant new ones. So it’s time for action.

Your company can do its bit too. Or rather, plant a tree! So help us with our mission to create more forests worldwide and give a tangible interpretation of your sustainability policy.

Share your personal certificate

When you plant trees with us, you will receive a certificate with your company name on it as proof of your donation. In this way, you can show everyone that you contribute to a green and healthy earth.

What will your donation be used for?

We plant the trees in the community, schools, universities, hospitals and any other place chosen by you our donors. This is a deliberate choice, as climate change is a global problem and the consequences can be felt everywhere. You choose which projects you want to join. And of course we will keep you informed of what happens to your donation and give you regular updates on your chosen projects through our e-mail and other systems we have.

Do you want to plant more than 150 trees?

If you and your company want to plant more than 150 trees per year, for example one or more trees for every product or service sold, you can become our tree partner.

The impact of your trees

Your contribution goes further than just planting a tree. Our projects have a wide impact and help create a better climate, more biodiversity and healthier living conditions. We are restoring native forests in cooperation with the local population. This local involvement is an important condition for being able to plant and maintain trees in a sustainable way. We train people in sustainable land use and create job opportunities. This makes the forest valuable to everyone concerned.

Gift a tree!

Are you looking for a sustainable gift for your employees or business contacts? Give a tree and receive a personalised certificate as a gift.

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